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It has come to the Parish Council’s attention that there has been some misunderstanding of the operation of legislative provisions relating to the management of Parish Council meetings.

A Parish Council is a Local Authority under the provisions of the local Government Act 1972 (schedule 12). In accordance with recommended practice and the Council’s Standing Orders, the members of the public are entitled to attend and listen to the meeting. Technically, to facilitate public speaking at the meeting the meeting closed to enable members of the public to have their say, and then is reconvened once the period for public participation has ended. One the meeting has been re started, there is no further opportunity for members of the public to speak or ask questions.

While the Parish Council has been heartened by the increased interest in its work at present, it is disappointed that offensive comments have been made on websites and social media that appear to be ignorant of the law relating to the Parish Council governance and would therefore seek to clarify the situation as above.

Anne Davies | Clerk to the Parish Council

August 2022 Consultation

The August 2022 Consultation Website will remain live so that all of the Neighbourhood Plan and Neighbourhood Development Order documentation can still be viewed, and comments read.

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