Meetings and Workshops

Securing the future of our villages, amenities, and the health and wellbeing of the community

Design Meetings

 A number of residents have queried why the workshops on the site design are currently only for residents of Watery Lane and High Street.

 The purpose of these workshops is to give residents most directly impacted by that particular site, due to the proximity of the proposed development to their properties, an opportunity to discuss in more detail:

·        the concept behind the layout and orientation of buildings on the site

·        the design factors that will need to be considered when making changes

·        what they like about the outline layout, what they don’t like, and how the impact on them individually or collectively might be mitigated.    

All residents, whether or not they are directly impacted through proximity, have the opportunity and are encouraged to comment on any aspect of the scheme, including the design layout and orientation of buildings, in their consultation responses.  

Open Meeting

 An opportunity for an open discussion with all parish residents regarding the scheme will be provided at the Annual Village Meeting, to be held in June or July once Covid restrictions are lifted.


There will also be a series of workshops over the next few months on common themes emerging from the consultation, e.g. number of houses, the new surgery, flooding, eco-design, parking and traffic flow.        

Request for a Parish Council Extraordinary General Meeting

At the Parish Council meeting of 22 February, a number of residents asked for an Extraordinary Parish Council meeting to discuss the development proposals once restrictions on public meetings are lifted.  In light of the prospect of all COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in June, the Parish Council has now decided that this public meeting, which is open to all residents, should be integrated  with the Annual Village Meeting, which is ordinarily held in May.  The meeting will be held in the Village Hall as soon as possible following the lifting of restrictions.   This ensures residents are not asked to attend two public meetings at a busy time of year prior to the main school holidays.

Meetings with Residents of Watery Lane and the High Street.

Residents of the High Street and Watery Lane are invited to attend zoom meetings to discuss the design of the Paddock and Allotments Sites.   The meetings will be hosted by Giles Baxter, the chair of the steering group, and Rob Hollin, a community member of the steering group.   The architect, Kevin Brady, will also attend to give a presentation and take questions.       

Residents of Watery Lane are invited to a meeting on Thursday 25th March from 6-7.30 pm.  

Residents of the High Street are invited to attend a zoom meeting on Thursday 25th March from 8-9.30pm.   

Residents wishing to attend these meetings should register with the Parish Clerk at   Please copy your email to the chair at

The purpose of the meetings is to:

  • Explain the thinking behind the illustrative designs for each site, in particular the type and layout of buildings
  • To give residents an opportunity to say: 
    • what they like about the design for this site and why,
    • what they don’t like and why,
    • how they think it could be improved.

The scope of the meetings will be limited to design aspects only.    Residents wishing to make points about the Neighbourhood Plan/Neighbourhood Development Order process, e.g. site selection, number of houses, requirement for a new surgery, financial arrangements, consultation history, governance arrangements etc are invited to do so on their NP/NDO response form and on the basis of the information that is now publicly available.  The project team will not cover, and will not take questions, on these matters.     

The format of the meetings will be:

  • A presentation by the project team
  • An opportunity for residents to ask the project team about the content of the presentation
  • A ‘post it’ style exercise where residents can write down and email their points about ‘what they like and why, what they don’t like and why, and how they think the design could be improved’.     
  • Immediate feedback consisting of all of the ‘post its’ received.   (These will be anonymous).    

The presentation and comments form will be emailed to residents attending shortly before the meeting.

We would like to re-assure residents attending these meetings that their consultation responses will be accepted for a two week period after the meetings, i.e. up to 8th April which is after the 28th March closing date.   This is to allow time for reflection on what residents have heard.


These meetings are in addition to the workshops that we have previously mentioned on the website.

Once this 4 week period is over, we will be analysing responses from both periods, refine our understanding of the main issues that need to be considered, e.g. environmental issues, impact on individual properties, number and type of housing, location and orientation of buildings, design styles, flooding, parking and traffic flow.

We will then hold a series of workshops seeking residents views on how they would like to see the main issues addressed.   These workshops will be open to all residents.    If the COVID-19 situation allows, we will hold these workshops face to face.   

Our vision is for a single, thriving, sustainable parish formed of two distinct villages, each with its own particular identity and character, with shared facilities and amenities.