Neighbourhood Plan

Securing the future of our villages, amenities, and the health and wellbeing of the community

3. Development Proposals

These are the Neighbourhood Development Order proposals – they are at draft stage and open to revision pending the results received during this consultation.

Sites identified for development

At the Annual Village Meeting on 15 May 2019, we presented the intention to proceed on the basis of two ‘indicative’ sites, one north, and one south, of the A415 a short distance to the west of the Clifton Hampden crossroads.

The below aerial view shows both development sites as indicative layouts in context.

Our vision is for a single, thriving, sustainable parish formed of two distinct villages, each with its own particular identity and character, with shared facilities and amenities.

Allotments site

On the north side of the A415 Abingdon Road, the allotments site will comprise a new surgery, together with improvements to the village hall, and 20 new homes, mostly smaller 2 & 3-bed dwellings combined with a small number of larger detached homes.

The development forms a sequence that may be broadly characterised as ‘community square’, ‘rural lane’ & ‘courtyard homes’.

From a new access and road around the new surgery and village hall, a new residential lane will retain the footpath, trees and hedges to the eastern boundary, whilst additional landscaping will secure the rural village character. At the top, the lane turns into a loose courtyard of five or six slightly larger dwellings, overlooking the allotments and countryside beyond.

Generally, the dwellings adopt a rural, yet more contemporary design, using familiar traditional materials, albeit with modern layouts and more contemporary details.

To the west, the site will remain open, with landscaping opportunities arising from a new cemetery, allotments and wildlife plantation.

Allotments Site, Clifton Hampden Indicative Site Plan – not to scale

Paddocks site

Opposite the Allotment site, on the south side of the A415 Abingdon Road, the paddocks site comprises just 5 new dwellings allowing much of the open paddock landscape and tree-lined boundaries to be retained.

The arrangement is less formal and echoes the organic growth of a typical rural farmstead – a compact group of distinctive traditional building forms of Farmhouse, Long Barn, dairy and stable outbuildings. The new homes are set deep into the site such that the dominant character as seen from the road and footpaths remains that of an open paddock.

Paddocks Site, Clifton Hampden Indicative Site Plan – not to scale


Scroll through the gallery below to see indicative sketches of the emerging proposals as they are being developed, exploring the massing, arrangement and general character of each area.